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 members of flymilk

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PostSubject: members of flymilk   Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:32 pm

this list tells the positons and properties of all the workers.

1: Wyatt- Head chairman -makes many decisons for the company, holder of the manager documents.

2: Michael- Head chairman 02 -makes many decisions for company, holder of important documents.

3: Austin- #1 Salesman -sells products of the company, has some privaleges in meetings.

4: Noah- #2 Salesman -sells products of the company, possibly advertisement.

5: Austin G.- #3 Salesman -sells products of the company, possibly advertisement

6: Colton- Tech -works with technical descisions, helps with website, blogs, and other stuff.

7: Brytton- Craftsman -makes supplies for the compant, such as stands, signs, etc.

8: Elliot- Secondary Craftsman -helps 1st craftsman with projects, fills in for him if he is not available.

9: Ian- paperworker -does important paperwork for the company, spreads the word about our site! lol!

Colton out
if you have any questions PM me im the administrator for this forum
Colton out
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members of flymilk
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